Premier Squash League 2017/2018 Round 1 – A Winning Start for Team Chichester

Premier Squash League 2017/2018 Round 1 – A Winning Start for Team Chichester


England’s PSL returned this week as 10 teams aim for the PSL title ……

Chichester v Coolhurst: Tuesday 3rd October.

Team Chichester travelled to North London to play Coolhurst in the opening tie of the 2017/18 campaign and fielded a couple of new young players supported by Chichester stalwarts Tim Vail at 1 and Miles Jenkins at 3.

Miles Jenkins and Jazz Hutton, for Chichester, took the courts first to play Alex Noakes and Katie Malliff.

Both the Chichester players couldn’t have had a better start, Jazz was too strong and fast for her opponent and controlled the match with her speed and quick hitting to run out a 0.3 victor and put Chichester 0.1 up.

Jenkins, meanwhile, played at the top of his game using great shot selection to control the match. He played faultlessly to go into a 3/11 3/11 2/10 lead before he faltered slightly. He, nevertheless, kept his composure and came through 7/11 to put Chichester 0.2up.

Chichester’s Tim Vail played world no. 65, Angus Gillams. Vail didn’t let his opponent settle throughout the match. He made great use of his array of shots, particularly the lob and, aided by his opponent hitting several tins, he ran out a 0.3 winner to give Chichester an unassailable 0.3 winning margin.

Tom Walsh, making his debut for Chichester, was up against Ondrej Uherka and a tough four-game battle ensued. Walsh always seemed to be playing catch up to an opponent who played the same type of game [only a little more experienced]. Uherka, however, finally ran out a 3-1 winner. This made the overall score 1-3 to Chichester with just the no.2 strings to play – Kyle Finch for Chichester against Joe Green.

Green started the better and his all-court steady error-free game allowed him to build a 2-0 lead. Finch battled hard and dug in to win a close 3rd game, 10/12. In the 4th both players retrieved well but Finch won it 4/11.

Green, although still fighting, started to look tired but Finch held his nerve to close the match out 2.3 and give Chichester a 1-4 victory on the night.

A great start to the season for Team Chichester and, unquestionably, the squad will endeavour to continue its winning ways in the next match. The next fixture is at home to Bexley on Tuesday 24th October where their two-new signing Mathieu Castagnet [WR32] and Omar Abdel Meguid [WR27] will be making their debut appearances.