PSL 2018-2019 season kicks off with a new format

PSL 2018-2019 season kicks off with a new format

PSL Bexley v Chichester 28/9/18

Team Chichester’s 1st match of the season was away to Bexley an even encounter looked to be on the cards.  The new, best of 3 format, and all games on one court, meant that spectators could watch all 5 matches without moving from court to court.

First on court Chichester’s Miles Jenkins played Bexley’s Brad Masters.   The 7/11, 7/11 score line highlighted Jenkins’ solid squash which he played throughout.  Masters created many opportunities but was unable to finish them off and Jenkins took full advantage; 1 up to Chichester.

Tom Walsh, for Chichester, followed on to play Rui Soares.  This proved to be a fantastic match to watch.  Both both players attacked aggressively and after 2 games, with the decider to play, both players maintained their attacking games.  Walsh went 8/9 up before Soares hit a couple of outright winners to snatch the match 11-9.

Team Chichester’s Lauren Briggs for Chichester returned to the squad after a 2 year absence and played Kace Bartley.  Briggs, unfortunately, was out of sorts on the night and Bartley didn’t really put a foot wrong.   Her flowing shots and talented nicks all worked to give her a 2-0 victory; 2-1 to Bexley.

Next Kyle Finch, for Chichester, faced Bernat Jaume.    Finch made a slow start but he did start pick up the pace and was firing shots to the front with great success.   Jaume, nonetheless, had too big a lead and the Bexley man took the first 11/8.   Finch began to fight back and was rewarded with the second game to force the decider.  The third game was nip and tuck with Jaume retrieving well and Finch hitting outstanding winners to the front.   In the end Finch just pressed too hard and narrowly lost it 7/11 to give Bexley a 3.1 lead

In the final match Tim Vail took on Josh Masters.   Masters pace in the first was too quick for Vail although the Chichester player kept fighting with great shots to the front.  In the second, Vail slowed the pace right down and Masters made errors.  Vail pulled this one back 9/11 to force yet another decider.

The final game was competitive to the end but Masters’ pace was the vital factor and he took the game 11/8, and match, to give Bexley a 4-1 victory.   Chichester can consider themselves unlucky to lose 3 matches which went to the deciding game.

The next match is a home tie on October 23rd v St Georges when Chichester will be at full strength.

Bexley 4-1           Team Chichester (11-5)
Josh Masters        2-1     Tim Vail             11-5, 9-11, 11-8
Bernat Jaume      2-1     Kyle Finch          11-8, 7-11, 11-7
Rui Soares           2-1     Tom Walsh         9-11, 11-6, 11-9
Bradley Masters    0-2     Miles Jenkins     7-11, 7-11
Kace Bartley        2-0     Lauren Briggs     11-7, 11-6

Mike Phillips: Team Manager