Fitness Suite

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Our 2000 square foot gym features the latest Technogym free weights and resistance equipment area, alongside our cardiovascular training zone. This area features treadmills, bikes, vario’s and rowers. Our Technogym equipment offers the biggest television screens in the industry, showing all Freeview television and radio stations, along with Sky Sports. There is a separate stretch and cool down zone, also offering a range of equipment to tone and strengthen your core.

As an accredited Olympic Centre for Excellence, our Gym has firmly established itself as one of the friendliest and up to date in the area. The relaxed atmosphere and cosmopolitan client base means our gym is as much a venue for meeting and making new friends as it is for getting in shape. Whether you are looking to seriously enhance your physical fitness, lose/gain weight, tone up, rehabilitate after an injury, or simply be able  to enjoy more from life, our fitness suite is your key to success. With extensive scientific and physiological expertise we can help you to achieve your goals; working with the time you have available to fit in with your lifestyle.

We have a comprehensive studio program which will offer a wide range of activities and classes.

Our two stage induction process has been introduced to ensure you get the best from your work out and maintain your fitness goals.


An hour spent with a Gym Instructor; during this initial session your instructor will ask you some questions about your health and life style and take your blood pressure. Please be aware if your blood pressure is too high/low or you have any health problems you may be asked to contact your doctor before we can allow you to exercise. Then you will be shown how to use all of the equipment safely and effectively.


You will have a follow up with your Instructor 7-10 days after your initial induction. This period offers you the chance to identify your strengths and weaknesses in the Gym, and ask any questions you may have. Your instructor will then work with you to understand your fitness goals, and help develop an individually tailored program. This will be reviewed and updated every 4-6 weeks to ensure your progression.